We have our own unique ladies only floor

SHE/HER who is looking for a bit more privacy and sense of self being.

Waking up on a bad hair-day is totally fine!
Our ladies only floor is located on the ground floor with easy access and includes some additional comfort facilities such as: extra clothes hanging space and pampering bathrooms. The floor is accessible for women only.

Our beds & lockers were uniquely designed for maximum comfort and privacy

Made of the most robust materials, our beds include a privacy screen and blackout curtain.

Each bed-hub offers a personal storage | charging | night-lamp unit as well as accessories and towel hanger. 

Our mattresses size

H = 200 cm | W = 80 cm | D = 16 cm

Our locker size

H = 31 cm | W = 60 cm | D = 18 cm

Take a look at our planned activities in your hostel

At The Bee Hostel we offer engaging activities for our community on weekly basis. Stay up to date for any special events by checking this page.

Artis Amsterdam has a lot of fun activities

Book a boat tour in the canals of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam at night brings the most beautifull sights.